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Homeo-Prophylaxes - Keeping Our Families Safe

Hosted by Joelle Mancuso/ Special Guest Kimberly Bennett  DNM® DCHM(Hons.) DHN(Hons)

Meet Your Speakers


Joelle Mancuso

Joelle is a speaker, writer, and longevity coach with over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Founder of Ageless Warriors and The Tribe, she is on a mission to create an army of humans who understand that age is a state of mind matched with daily choices.  Her roots come from being a  pioneer of the original Spinning indoor cycling program and the owner of one of the top boutique personal training gyms in Los Angeles.  She is dedicated to unlocking the natural solutions to living a long life with a Tribe of like-minded people.

Kimberley Bennett

Kimberley has worked as a natural health practitioner for over 20 years. She has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine as well as honors degrees in both classical Homeopathy and nutrition. Additional certifications in homotoxicology, iridology and medication damage support her specialty in pathology and disease processes. She celebrates success when her clients become conscious of change in their body and embrace responsibility for choices in their health.
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